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My grandparents are in town! Which is pretty awesome cause who doesn’t love their grandparents? They also got to meet my boyfriend for the first time which I think went well. And we taught him how to play Branco which is a card game that my family plays. As far as we know, it doesn’t exist outside of our family and the people that we have taught. It was really fun.

After that, we went searching for another geocache and all I have to say about that is spiders……..

Also funny story about my grandparents, well I think it is funny. So every time they come over to my parent’s house my grandpa does a bunch of repairs and I guess there was something on the roof that needed to be fixed but my grandma didn’t want him to go up on the roof. The solution? My mom would go up on the roof with him. So, I wasn’t there but I did see the photographic evidence. Luckily, no one got hurt. But I’m sure that my grandma had a little panic attach.

-An extraordinary no one who loves her family

Ps…. we killed our mouse

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