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So, I know, I know…. I have been posting a lot about geocaching lately but it is something that I do… a lot. Tonight, after a dinner getting pizza, we went to a local football high school game and my boyfriend loves football and it was after half time so they told us we could get in for free. So why not?

Now me, I don’t really like football but I’m okay with watching a game. It just isn’t something I would do by myself. A little into the fourth quarter. My boyfriend got an email. It was another first to find! My boyfriend, loving first to finds and knowing I was pretty bored, decided we should go find it.

We got to the area but couldn’t find it. Two other caching groups pulled up and one of the girls made a quick find of it (the coordinates were off). We got to meet some other cachers and even a third pair showed up as well. I guess it doesn’t surprise me that we got the cops called on us. But thankfully, he was a pretty nice cop and didn’t give us too much flack so we just exited the area right away and it was all good.

-An extraordinary no one who is amused


Posted September 5, 2015 by Extraordinary Nothing in Uncategorized

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