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November is almost upon us! Which means it is almost national novel writing month. And I am way less prepared then when I finished 2 years ago. So that is definitely going to be interesting. Plus I am still going to try and see if I can make a post every day so that should be interesting. I guess I’m not really panicking I’m more just really curious to see if I will actually be able to pull it off. Here is to trying.

-An extraordinary no one who might be in over her head


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I ran my first ever record 5K today! My boyfriend’s work put on a 5K to raise money for homeless veterans. My mom and I went out to run it, as well as my boyfriend but he was way ahead of us in the race. I was really proud of my mom and of myself. We finished with out walking and we got a pretty decent time for our ability levels.

It was a perfect 5K for my first one too. It was the inaugural year and so there weren’t too many people and it was pretty informal. This is the first of many races to come which is pretty exciting in my opinion. And my times with hopefully just start getting better and better.

Me crossing the finish line!

Me crossing the finish line!

-An extraordinary no one who ran the race

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Starting a challenge   Leave a comment

My boyfriend and I started a challenge today. A challenge to not eat out for the whole month which for us is hard because we tend to go out a lot. And also because I am going to drill this weekend and I tend to eat out when I am there but I am going to have to pack food and such. I also started writing down my prayers for one of my challenges as well. I plan on writing them down for a year and then looking them at the end of the year. I’m actually not sure if I am going to read them but I am not sure what else to do with them. Any ideas?

-An extraordinary no one

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Yesterday, I didn’t sleep for a whole twenty-four hours. Why you ask? Well because my I worked at night and I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend before he went off on an army weekend. We went out and walked around at Halloween stores and ate lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and went mini golfing. We played air hockey and I destroyed him (well I won 2 out of 3 anyways.) Then after we had ice cream at Tom’s because we got a coupon from the mini golf. Ohhh and we got these sticky aliens that you can fling at stuff with the tickets that we won which I was pretty excited about.

Then we got back to our apartment…… and the power was off. We figured out the power company shut us off so I called in to the company. Long story short, there was miscommunication between my landlord and me. Our power is still off so I am crashing at my parents house and hopefully we can fix it Monday. (The department that has to help me with the problem isn’t open on the weekends…..) I kinda stressed out. I felt like it was my fault even though it wasn’t. It was probably hugely due to the fact that I hadn’t slept at all. But I finally calmed down and got to sleep. I missed my blog post yesterday which kind of sucks but it is was it is. Maybe next month.

Also weird thing, my mouse on my computer stopped working. Good thing I have a touch screen.

And I got a Garmen running watch today because it was on a really good sale and that is pretty exciting.

-An extraordinary no one who is learning to calm down about things

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Christmas!   Leave a comment

I know what you are thinking. It isn’t even Halloween yet but as I really learned today my boyfriend has problem. An obsession with Christmas. I guess of all things to be obsessed with that is a pretty good one. Since this is our first year together for Christmas and neither of us really have any decorations or anything we figured we would pick up some stuff while we were at Walmart. So we are now pretty much good. We just have to get the tree. I am pretty sure this is going to be the first year I get a tree on a normal time line.

Also my boyfriend set up an awesome hunt around the city with clues to lead me to meet him for breakfast this morning. It was really fun. He also took stalker pictures of me which was hilarious.

-An extraordinary no one who likes fun

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I notice a weird thing. I used to get nose bleeds….. like a lot of nose bleeds. An obnoxious amount. Then I left for military training. I was gone for almost seven months and I got one nose bleed and that was only because I got smacked in the nose during comparatives. It seemed really weird to me. I figured that maybe the Wisconsin air was why my nose was bleeding. But then I got back to Wisconsin and still I haven’t gotten a nose bleed. I don’t know why they stopped but I am glad that they did.

Watch though, I jinxed it and will probably get one soon.

-an extraordinary no one who still thinks that’s weird

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I’m still a puker   Leave a comment

When I ran cross country my senior year, I puked a lot after races and I thought those days were behind me but I was proven wrong today. After my work out today, when I hit the shower I puked. The work out consisted of stairs and push-ups and it kicked my butt. That is what I need to get better though.

Also fun fact the only college I ever applied to I wrote an essay on how I was a puker and I got accepted. I didn’t go there but it was still pretty awesome that I got accepted.

-An extraordinary puker

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