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Today was a crazy busy day. It started out with pizza for breakfast and ended in an almost successful attempt at a corn maze. I guess I should probably fill that in though. So after my leftover pizza for breakfast my boyfriend and I did some sprints and after I killed myself doing that it was time to get the rest of our day started. A trip to Walmart for groceries first and then to lunch at The Kozy Corner cause we had coupons. It was pretty tasty. I had fried chicken at mac’n cheese. Then we went to go knock something off my bucket list! Posting random notes in books at a book store. We started at a new/used store and also ended up at the library. It was actually really fun and we put some funny things in there. I hope someone finds them.

After that, another quick stop at my parent’s to drop something up and then an indoor trampoline arena!!! I know, I know try and control your excitement. It was epic and there was a free fall drop which I only really freaked out about on the inside. And there was dodge ball and jousting and fun galore and I didn’t even break myself.

After that, we went to a corn maze in a mission to find 15 out of 15 poles with different hole punches attached to them. Guess how many we found? That’s right 14! But it was late and all the workers were going home and we figured we wouldn’t be able to find it (it is a huge maze). But I still has a lot of fun so that is all that really matters.

-A very exhausted but happy extraordinary no one


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