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Annoyed    Leave a comment

I’m going to soap box a moment about my work if you don’t mind. I know that is unprofessional and what not but I’m more going to state facts rather then opinions. 

1) I know for a fact that my schedulers have openly complained to other employees about working around my military schedule.

2) I was asked to work some night shifts.

3) I said yes. 

4) My work schedule was then changed multiple times within the span of a couple of days. 

5) I was told I was working at one house but when I arrived there was already coverage. 

6) I called my supervisor and she just kinda laughed and was like oh yeah you work at this house now. 

7) I had to change plans with my mom to go running with my mom multiple times. 

8) they wait til the last second to fill not covered shifts. 

9) I just really want a day off. 

10) I really hate night shift.

– an extraordinary no one with some facts 


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Friday night fish fry   Leave a comment

I took my boyfriend to his first Friday night fish fry tonight. Being new to the area, he has never experienced this Wisconsin delicacy. It was pretty fun. We went to cinder’s where they have all you can eat fish and fries. 

After our dinner, we just drove around for a while. I was kinda feeling down today but I managed pretty decently with a little bit of help to stay out of it. 

Also big accomplishment! The other night I cooked toco ring and it turned out really delicious! I will definitely be posting how it went and a recipe in the near future.

-an extraordinary no one taking it one step at a time 

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Kicking ass and some sad news    Leave a comment

Today, I ran a virtual 5k. What is a virtual 5k you may ask. It is a 5k that you run any time during the month and then upload your times. They use it to raise money for charities. This month was to get service dogs to disabled vets. 

I did awesome! I cut 3 plus minutes off my time and I feel awesome about that. 

I have sad news though…. My favorite pizza place (well one of them) is shutting down! It’s a place called Stevie b’s and it is a pizza buffet! And it was so tasty! But now it is leaving us and it really is a tradgity….. 

-an extraordinary ass kicking no one 

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Superbetter is a website designed to help build up resilience. Emotional,  physical, social, and mental. It is a way to stay focused and get better. Enjoy life to the fullest I guess you could say. I am really committed to trying it out and sticking to it. I want to be more productive in my life and feel better.

Lately, I haven’t been in the best shape. I will get sad for no reason and become very unmotivated to do anything. I sleep a lot and some days I don’t do anything but go to work. I tend to get down at myself and mad at myself and I give up on myself extremely fast. It has been an on and off thing for many years but recently it has gotten a lot worse. It makes it hard for me to do what I want on days like that. And I have already seen it hurt someone that I love. And it is obviously hurting me.

They say the first step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have one. I don’t know the cause of my sadness but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to fix it. Stay focused on little goals to work towards big ones. One of the main things that gets me down currently is that I can’t pass my pt test. Which really sucks because for me running can be a trigger for my sadness if I feel like I didn’t do as good as I should have, this applies to all exercise  but it is more prevalent with running. It is very frustrating for me and I keep giving up on myself. I honestly think that feeling like a failure is the main reason that I get sad.

But I need to focus. I will get better. I have people here that support and love me and I will get better.

I’m getting superbetter from depression so I can pass my PT test.

Right now that is what the top of my superbetter profile says. One day my ‘epic win’ will be accomplished and I can move on to a new goal. And hopefully one day I won’t get sad for no reason. I am doing this for me but also for those who care about me. They care about me so I should care about myself.

It is kind of hard for me to post this. Only a hand full of people know about my sadness and even less have actually seen it in person. I don’t want to hide this part of my life. (well not entirely obviously there is a time in the place.) But I want to use this as a little bit of an out let to talk about my struggles and successes. I promise it won’t get too depressing. I’m still a goof ball and I still have good days and I am hoping that my good days become more and more often.

So here’s to getting better.

-An extraordinary no one who is trying



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A challenge a day   Leave a comment

I’m trying to become more productive with my life. I have fallen into a run where when I’m alone in the house all I really do is sleep unless my boyfriend is home. I is really becoming a problem. So I’m trying to actually get up at a decent time in the morning and do some stuff. I even wrote some to do lists for daily and weekly things to do.

Another challenge is one for my bucket list though and that is to give up soda for a month. So I am saying bye to soda until December 16th (since I started yesterday) I am really trying to work on things. To challenge myself everyday. I’m hoping it helps me out a little bit.

-An extraordinary no one who is going to take life one challenge at a time


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It’s on like Donkey Kong   Leave a comment

My boyfriend and I started a challenge today. Unlike the last challenge we did this is against each other instead of with each other. It is a push up, sit up, running challenge. Pretty much to see who can get the most. I have a little bit of a handicap on it just because he is more physically fit then I am right now. I am going to push myself hard with this one. Also coming up for the end of this month I have a 5K and also a 5 mile run. I need to start pushing myself. Get a plan and stick with it. 

-an extraordinary no one who needs to do this 

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A dinner and a dress   2 comments

I’m not sure if I mentioned this but a month ago, my boyfriend and I decided to not eat out for a month. And we actually succeed! Which was definitely a test of will power. Cause we go out to eat….. a lot. One of the things on my bucket list was to not eat fast food for a month. Which obviously now is done. I think I am going to cut fast food out entirely (not including sub shops and faster pizza joints). It is just unnecessary. I don’t need it and it just wastes money. Plus it is so much healthier not to.  And it takes as much time to put together a sandwich before you leave for somewhere as it does to sit through a drive through. Plus its healthier and cheaper.

Another thing I did this month was start my budget. This month and next month are kinda going to be my trial and error to see how much I should put for each category and how much I should put into savings. So far it is looking like I should be coming in well under budget. Not sure why but the budget thing is kind of exciting to me. It is something I have always attempted but I feel more confident about it this time and this time around it wasn’t like where I was in high school and didn’t have bills or had to buy my own food so almost everything went to savings and marching band because to be honest all I really used to do besides work was marching band.

-An extraordinary no one who is crossing stuff off her bucket list

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