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Note to self….. do not go to a haunted house on a day you are in a bad mood. You may think that it is a good idea. That the rush of adrenaline will cheer you up. It won’t. I promise. It will just make you panic and then be sad when it is over……. and make you chicken out of the rest of haunted houses.

I went back the next night though. When I was in a better mood and it definitely went better. We were at the Burial chamber in Neenah Wisconsin. Definitely worth the money. They second day we went to insanity which was a crazy haunted house it was so intracit. It even had a spin chamber.

We decided to come back a different day for the third as the lines were very long and we had a 5K to run in the morning. So we went back on Halloween the haunted house was only light by the little plastic tea lights that the front, middle, and back people were holding. And of course for the scariest haunted house out of the three we were put first…. He was very excited…. Me not so much. But I made it through. I beat the burial chamber.

-a scared extraordinary no one

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