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So one of my friends when I was a sophomore in high school (that sounds about right) made a presentation for one of our classes. The assignment was to make a how to presentation and she decided to make a presentation on how to be a bad friend. It started out as normal things like ignoring them and insulting them but then got all crazy like sacrificing them to Mayan gods. I personally thought that it was a pretty hilarious presentation.

But it is really pretty easy to be a shitty friend.

I am so grateful for the friends that have stuck by my side. There were some friends that I thought would be for my life but I guess you don’t really know people until they show their true colors. Which okay is obvious but it is very shocking when you thought you knew someone but then they flip a switch. Friends you thought would always be there aren’t and other friends come out of the wood work as being a really amazing friends.

Some people go through life not wanting to trust or get close to anyone of fear of getting hurt. I am generally not that kind of person. I feel like it is important for people to give others chances even if they were hurt in the past. So here’s to making new friends and appreciating the ones that stick by your side and not letting the ones that leave you get you down. Because the world is full of heart break and sadness but it is also full of love and adventure and wonder and amazing things.

-An extraordinary no one who is taking life one step at a time

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