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Today, I’m going to write about a very common army terminology. It is called tiny heart syndrome. Pretty much tiny heart syndrome just means that you gave up on yourself. When you are in basic training you will probably at some point in time hear your drill sergeants taunt “somebody ain’t gonna make it. Their tiny little heart can’t take it.” Which was generally said in a sing song voice while we were running. And I prided myself at basic for never giving up even when I tried moving up a running group and really failed to keep up – I kept running. No matter how much it sucked, even though I knew that when I caught up that I would probably get put in the front leaning rest (push-up position) I kept running. I did a ruck run and I was the first female and the 7th overall from my platoon to finish. I felt very proud of myself and I was so motivated.

I want to know where that girl is. That girl that ran a 16 min two mile for her final army physical fitness test at basic training. Or that girl that when my lung was partially collapsed I powered through training (after a bit of recovery but not nearly what I should have had). Where is the girl the carried litters all up and down bluffs? Where is that girl? What happened to her. I’ll tell you….

She got dead. She died of tiny heart syndrome. It corrupted her with self  doubt and frustration. And she gave up on herself. She tried so hard not to but it slowly crept in. But you know what they say ….

The first step to fixing a problem is admitting there is one. So here’s to admitting it and here’s to starting to fix it.

-an extraordinary no one who hopes this motivation lasts


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