A dinner and a dress   2 comments

I’m not sure if I mentioned this but a month ago, my boyfriend and I decided to not eat out for a month. And we actually succeed! Which was definitely a test of will power. Cause we go out to eat….. a lot. One of the things on my bucket list was to not eat fast food for a month. Which obviously now is done. I think I am going to cut fast food out entirely (not including sub shops and faster pizza joints). It is just unnecessary. I don’t need it and it just wastes money. Plus it is so much healthier not to.  And it takes as much time to put together a sandwich before you leave for somewhere as it does to sit through a drive through. Plus its healthier and cheaper.

Another thing I did this month was start my budget. This month and next month are kinda going to be my trial and error to see how much I should put for each category and how much I should put into savings. So far it is looking like I should be coming in well under budget. Not sure why but the budget thing is kind of exciting to me. It is something I have always attempted but I feel more confident about it this time and this time around it wasn’t like where I was in high school and didn’t have bills or had to buy my own food so almost everything went to savings and marching band because to be honest all I really used to do besides work was marching band.

-An extraordinary no one who is crossing stuff off her bucket list


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2 responses to “A dinner and a dress

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