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I’m going to soap box a moment about my work if you don’t mind. I know that is unprofessional and what not but I’m more going to state facts rather then opinions. 

1) I know for a fact that my schedulers have openly complained to other employees about working around my military schedule.

2) I was asked to work some night shifts.

3) I said yes. 

4) My work schedule was then changed multiple times within the span of a couple of days. 

5) I was told I was working at one house but when I arrived there was already coverage. 

6) I called my supervisor and she just kinda laughed and was like oh yeah you work at this house now. 

7) I had to change plans with my mom to go running with my mom multiple times. 

8) they wait til the last second to fill not covered shifts. 

9) I just really want a day off. 

10) I really hate night shift.

– an extraordinary no one with some facts 


Posted November 22, 2015 by Extraordinary Nothing in Uncategorized

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