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All you have to do is say yes   Leave a comment

On Christmas morning, I was woken up at about 6:45 in the morning by one of my friends wiggling around in the bed next to me. It took me a moment to realize that she shouldn’t be there and I bolted up. I was a bit confused. My friend Crayon box handed me a letter. I started reading and took in the information. So apparently Rudolf had gone crazy and stole my Christmas Presents and my naughty and nice file. I had to go on a mission with Crayon box the elf who was sent by Santa to retrieve them!

As I started to get ready, Crayon box the elf hinted that I should go check the shower. And behold! There was a letter duct taped to the wall! I got ready in a rush and opened the letter. It gave me a hint about where he first met my parents. I of course knew to go to the 24 hour diner that was down the road. My elf assistant and I jumped into the silver bullet (yup that what I nicknamed my car) and headed off. Thankfully for us the winter storm held off until after Christmas. We got there and I thought I spotted the clue but really it was just their sign saying that they were closed for Christmas. Upon further inspection, I found it.

It lead me to Walmart. Now you may be wondering why but its the simple fact that we just go to Walmart a lot. I know weird but it’s just kinda how we do it. So we arrived at Walmart and some lady yelled at us and said that they were closed for the day. We told her we were aware of the fact and then started the search. Crayon box the elf informed me that Rudolf enjoyed lamp posts because they looked like Christmas lights and that he was also know to go Geocaching. A common type of geocaching is hid under the like base part of a light pole because they a lot of the times will just lift up. (not the cement base but the base just on top of that). So there are a lot of these in the parking lot. So first, I checked my phone to see if there were actually any in the parking lot. Once I saw there wasn’t, I just went up to one and checked. It didn’t even lift up. I was confused but Crayon box nudged me in a direction and I saw one that looked suspicious to me. I found another letter and once we were back in the warmth of the car, I opened and read it.

The hint was telling me to go look under an over pass. But since the over pass he was talking about was in Texas (the location of our first kiss) I wasn’t sure where to go. Luckily,Crayon box had the coordinates randomly ‘tattooed’ on her arm. Going to look for that one was a bit scary but luckily neither one of us fell.

Next to The book store. The hint had to do with our almost first kiss (again in Texas) but I knew where we were supposed to go. He had slyly been dropping a few hints for that one. The clue on the bench told me to go to a tunnel (dedicated to the one we explored and slow danced in). But what tunnel? I was lost. Crayon box the elf informed me that Rudolf loved wrapping presents. I knew where to go and I laughed. My boyfriend had made up this whole story about this factory being a place where the elves wrapped presents and he had been dropping those hints for about a month now. We drove over and thankfully I didn’t have to crawl in the tunnel which was all filled with water at the bottom because the clue was just outside of it.

That took me to the place that I took him on his first ever Wisconsin date and my former employer, Rocky Rococo’s. That one was easy to find and it lead me to my happy place. A place that I go to think all and process things. Its a wooded area with a little creek and a rope swing and I love it there.

It was a little hike to get back there but thankfully there wasn’t a foot of snow so it wasn’t too bad. We walked down the hill and my boyfriend left us messages in what little snow there was on the two bridges that lead to the spot.

I spotted the clue right away once we made it there and it took me to my parents house. To my old room. We got there and I went to the room I thought it was in but it wasn’t there so I went to the second room. There was a letter and a gift. I asked crayon box the elf if I could open it and she said no I had to wait. So I opened the letter. It lead back to the apartment.

We went out to the silver bullet with one minor set back…. where were my keys. We went back inside to locate them. Once that was found, It was back to the apartment. I was nervous but in a good way. I was pretty sure I knew what was coming but can anyone ever really be sure?

We parked and went inside. My boyfriend was there cooking breakfast. He told me to open the gift. It was a scrap book of our story. I opened it and started to read. A huge smile across my face as I went through it and one minor sad part but mostly happy. I got to the last page. “All you have to do… Is say yes!”

I looked up at him as I set the book down and he took my hands. He spoke to me and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes.

He stood up and we kissed and embraced. Some point in there I got so excited that I took the ring and the box from him forgetting that he was supposed to put it on me I just put it on my own finger (I promise I’ll get it right at the wedding).

And then…. we had a tasty breakfast of french toast and bacon so I’d say all in all a great Christmas.


-An extraordinary no one and soon to be bride



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Loving life in the fast lane   Leave a comment

It has been a busy past couple of days for me. My friends got married, we had a Christmas party, I made my first ginger bread house and I am 4 days done with my 5 5ks in 5 days challenge.

My Christmas party with my friends was a blast. We had a white elephant gift exchange and played cards against humanity. Then we had the brilliant idea to use the white cards as cards for charades. Seriously so much fun. How we did it is got into two teams and who ever was acting picked three cards and picked one to act out. If they thought that all three were ones that couldn’t be acted out they consulted with someone of the opposing team to be the judge. It was a great night with some pretty tasty food if I don’t say so myself. (I made taco ring for the squad and it was a hit.)

Also some exciting news…. I made my first ever ginger bread house! That I can remember anyways….

It was a lot of fun and I think that my boyfriend and I did a pretty alright job of decorating it. He even added a pretty epic chimney to the mix.

They most challenging things of these past couple of days though has definitely has to be the Santa 5 5ks in 5 days. Pretty much you have to run a 5k a day for 5 days straight. And let me tell you….. It is awful. I only have one day left (which would be tomorrow I already did my run for the day). But once I finish tomorrow I am going to be so proud of myself for actually finishing even though it had been getting continually harder as my legs are beat. But I got this.

Well off to go play some Call of Duty Ghost now. Catch you all later.

-An extraordinary no one who is loving life

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Christmas Cookies   Leave a comment

Monday, my good friend Mara came over and we baked Christmas cookies! It was the first time I had ever made cookies from scratch (obviously my friend was extremely helpful in this). It was lots of fun and I would post the recipie but I don’t remember it. We also made our own frosting!

Needless to say it was really fun and it was nice to get to catch up with my friend. We both decided we need to hang out more cause we live so close and I hope that happens and I know that I am definitely going to put in more effort. I tend to be bad at getting into contact with people.

Maybe that will be my new years resolution. To put myself out there more.

But anyways back to the cookies.


This is me with one of the few cookies I have left. They turned out really tasty and we even made our own frosting. I’ll post the recipe for that in a different post. I’m pretty proud of myself for making cookies from scratch even if it wasn’t by myself. Plus it was loads of fun.

-An extraordinary on one who is ready for Christmas



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I cried so hard I laughed¬†   Leave a comment

Everyone has heard the expression ‘I laughed so hard I cried’ but has anyone eve done the opposite? Cried so hard that they started laughing? 

I did. This previous Monday, I was feeling down. It was one of those days. Upon arriving back at our appartment, I hit the switch but it isn’t turned on any lights. It was connected to the tv and cable box. I turned the switch back on and the tears started trying to make their ways out of my eyes. When I’m in one of my moods, any small thing can set me off. Hitting that switch made me feel guilty because there was a football game recording, a Cowboys football game. That’s my boyfriends favorite team and some crazy piece of me thought he would be mad (he wasn’t by the way). I ruined something again. 

My boyfriend was trying to calm me down and at this point I was sobbing. Literally for no reason other then I thought I had ruined something some really stupid little thing. And I started to laugh. 

I was being ridiculous. Of course I hadn’t ruined anything, well I had but it was a mistake. My boyfriend kinda looked at me like I was crazy but I ended up calming down. Small things seem to go in both ways when I get like that. It can either set me off or help me get better. It really all just depends on what it is and the day. 

It reminds me of this guy that made a list of why his wife was crying. :  

That’s his list. I feel like some time my boyfriend should make one about me. It would probably be pretty funny. 

-an extraordinary no one who has lots of emotions 

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Lights   1 comment

Last night, I got back home from a week of military fun that involved such things as learning how to suture on pig’s feet and other awesome things.


Promptly after entering our apartment, my boyfriend insisted that I had to get ready in a hurry. I did with a little bit of motivation. And we hit the road. I guessed pretty quickly where we were going. The light display at the botanical gardens in Green bay. It was really beautiful to say the least. The ‘northern lights’ were definitely my favorite part.

-An extraordinary no one who loves the beauty in Christmas

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My day in 6 words part 2   Leave a comment

Remember that day in 6 words journal I wanted to keep for six months? Well I decided to keep it going. I have now had it for over a year. I started it on November 28th 2014.  And I totally just realized my first post about this was a little bit wrong because I thought that 6 months ended in April not May, so here is some of my favorites from the last 7 months: April 28th-November 28th

May 3rd: June 15th Tidd will be here

May 4th: Crazy apartment luck, thank you Ellie

May 8th: 150 I Love you’s. PAY Day!

May 20th: Signed lease for our apartment wow…..

May 31st: Emily helped me move in…. home

June 10th: Tidd left! Amanda is back! Excitement!

June 11th: Apartment warming party Gay toaster gift

June 12th: Came home to Tidd in Shower

June 14th: Free at Noah’s Ark Church date

June 16th: He met the parents went well

June 22nd: Tidd went working. Scavenger hunt fun

June 28th: Mock Pt test. Welcome home Darby!

July 5th: Mac n’ Cheese and bug bites

July 13th: Insane Asylum crematory. Cross country bikers

July 20th: False medic call “Severe burns” roof

July 23rd: Dinning in Curtsy at the grog

August 1st: Candle lite dinner. Pizza, salad , Reese’s

August 9th: Listening to music really great time

August 22nd: Got sent home more steps forward

August 29th: Put in two weeks at ARC

August 31st: Quest for Tidd’s 500th Cache! Yay!

September 3rd: Branco with grandparents, Tidd, and parents

September 17th: Quest for my 100th cache! Trees!

October 1st: Apple Picking. The maze is closed

October 2nd: Sticky note adventure. defeated by maze

October 3rd: Horses, Allergies, Memorial, spies and drive-ins

October 6t: Stair workout…. my legs are dying

October 8th: Secret agent skills to get breakfast

October 9th: Fun day ended with power off

October 23rd: Haunted woods panic attach we left

October 24th Second house I did much better

October 25th: Vetnet 5K very proud of myself

October 31st: Last haunted house we went first

November 9th: Succeeded at biolife! Night cache shenanigans

November 15th: Red Robin! We beat the challenge!

November 17th: I am getting superbetter from depression

November 19th: Virtual 5K. Cut off 3 minutes

November 20th: Tidd’s first friday night fish fry

November 26th: Turkey trot, mini pumpkin pies, work

November 27th: Family Christmas! Road trip with family

November 28th: Tidd arrived! Met sister, Kate interrogated.

-An extraordinary no one who had liked the past 6 months a lot


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Sick   Leave a comment

I’m starting to feel an on set of something again. My throat hurts and my ears hurt and I hurt. But I am really just not allowed to be sick right now. I have some butt I need to kick and push ups I need to do and life I want to enjoy. Being sick can wait. So I really hope I am over it fast.

-an extraordinary no one who is feeling under the weather

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