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Everyone has traditions whether they want to admit it or not is a different case. One of my favorite traditions is the get together I have with my mom’s side every year around the holidays. This year it was this past weekend. It was a lot of fun as usual. And this year I brought my boyfriend with me since he is now a huge part of my life and him and I are starting our family. Yeah know him and me and our snake and hopefully next June a puppy.

As far as I am concerned it went very well with the majority of the family. My cousin Kate even questioned him and he got a grade at the end of the weekend. B- which is pretty decent.

We also got our first Christmas tree together this past Sunday and started decorating it. We didn’t get to finish decorating cause we feel asleep but it was the start of a pretty fun tradition. It is a lot different then my tradition of getting a tree really late in the season even cutting it as close as Christmas Eve. This is actually the earliest I think I have ever gotten a tree. There are lots of traditions in the making for me right now and I’m sure many to come.

Thank you to my family for all the traditions you have giving me and to my boyfriend for all the new ones we are creating together.

-an extraordinary vaguely sappy no one


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