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Tonight, like most nights I didn’t really feel like being social. I am on an army week and I’m not generally the type that goes out . I tend to hang out in the barracks and stay to myself. I decided to actually go out and watch the Packers game with my unit. I didn’t think i would actually stay the whole time but I ended up staying til the end and I’m really glad i did.

I had some pretty interesting conversations going on through out the game because until the very end of the game my team was really struggling. We were talking about all the shenanigans that we had seen go down in our army life time. I also got the standard talk on my my AIT relagionship will fail. I avoided saying that we were the exeption to the rule because that’s what everyone says.

But really we are an exception. At least as far as I am concerned. We are in the day and age where when people say they aren’t ‘planning’ on a divorce they get laughed at. Because obviously no one plans on that. But this country has a really high divorce rate. That isn’t because of statistics of what situations are more likely to produce good relationships though. They are about the people that are in the relationship. Statistics don’t really matter when you find someone you know you will work with. Obviously no one is perfect so no relationship is perfect but there is something to how both parties decide to deal with problems. Divorce happens but so do successful relationships.

So here’s to the people and not the statistics. And also to the packers for that last minute win!

– and extraordinary committed no one


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