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Remember that day in 6 words journal I wanted to keep for six months? Well I decided to keep it going. I have now had it for over a year. I started it on November 28th 2014.  And I totally just realized my first post about this was a little bit wrong because I thought that 6 months ended in April not May, so here is some of my favorites from the last 7 months: April 28th-November 28th

May 3rd: June 15th Tidd will be here

May 4th: Crazy apartment luck, thank you Ellie

May 8th: 150 I Love you’s. PAY Day!

May 20th: Signed lease for our apartment wow…..

May 31st: Emily helped me move in…. home

June 10th: Tidd left! Amanda is back! Excitement!

June 11th: Apartment warming party Gay toaster gift

June 12th: Came home to Tidd in Shower

June 14th: Free at Noah’s Ark Church date

June 16th: He met the parents went well

June 22nd: Tidd went working. Scavenger hunt fun

June 28th: Mock Pt test. Welcome home Darby!

July 5th: Mac n’ Cheese and bug bites

July 13th: Insane Asylum crematory. Cross country bikers

July 20th: False medic call “Severe burns” roof

July 23rd: Dinning in Curtsy at the grog

August 1st: Candle lite dinner. Pizza, salad , Reese’s

August 9th: Listening to music really great time

August 22nd: Got sent home more steps forward

August 29th: Put in two weeks at ARC

August 31st: Quest for Tidd’s 500th Cache! Yay!

September 3rd: Branco with grandparents, Tidd, and parents

September 17th: Quest for my 100th cache! Trees!

October 1st: Apple Picking. The maze is closed

October 2nd: Sticky note adventure. defeated by maze

October 3rd: Horses, Allergies, Memorial, spies and drive-ins

October 6t: Stair workout…. my legs are dying

October 8th: Secret agent skills to get breakfast

October 9th: Fun day ended with power off

October 23rd: Haunted woods panic attach we left

October 24th Second house I did much better

October 25th: Vetnet 5K very proud of myself

October 31st: Last haunted house we went first

November 9th: Succeeded at biolife! Night cache shenanigans

November 15th: Red Robin! We beat the challenge!

November 17th: I am getting superbetter from depression

November 19th: Virtual 5K. Cut off 3 minutes

November 20th: Tidd’s first friday night fish fry

November 26th: Turkey trot, mini pumpkin pies, work

November 27th: Family Christmas! Road trip with family

November 28th: Tidd arrived! Met sister, Kate interrogated.

-An extraordinary no one who had liked the past 6 months a lot


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