I cried so hard I laughed    Leave a comment

Everyone has heard the expression ‘I laughed so hard I cried’ but has anyone eve done the opposite? Cried so hard that they started laughing? 

I did. This previous Monday, I was feeling down. It was one of those days. Upon arriving back at our appartment, I hit the switch but it isn’t turned on any lights. It was connected to the tv and cable box. I turned the switch back on and the tears started trying to make their ways out of my eyes. When I’m in one of my moods, any small thing can set me off. Hitting that switch made me feel guilty because there was a football game recording, a Cowboys football game. That’s my boyfriends favorite team and some crazy piece of me thought he would be mad (he wasn’t by the way). I ruined something again. 

My boyfriend was trying to calm me down and at this point I was sobbing. Literally for no reason other then I thought I had ruined something some really stupid little thing. And I started to laugh. 

I was being ridiculous. Of course I hadn’t ruined anything, well I had but it was a mistake. My boyfriend kinda looked at me like I was crazy but I ended up calming down. Small things seem to go in both ways when I get like that. It can either set me off or help me get better. It really all just depends on what it is and the day. 

It reminds me of this guy that made a list of why his wife was crying. :  

That’s his list. I feel like some time my boyfriend should make one about me. It would probably be pretty funny. 

-an extraordinary no one who has lots of emotions 

Posted December 13, 2015 by Extraordinary Nothing in Uncategorized

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