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Monday, my good friend Mara came over and we baked Christmas cookies! It was the first time I had ever made cookies from scratch (obviously my friend was extremely helpful in this). It was lots of fun and I would post the recipie but I don’t remember it. We also made our own frosting!

Needless to say it was really fun and it was nice to get to catch up with my friend. We both decided we need to hang out more cause we live so close and I hope that happens and I know that I am definitely going to put in more effort. I tend to be bad at getting into contact with people.

Maybe that will be my new years resolution. To put myself out there more.

But anyways back to the cookies.


This is me with one of the few cookies I have left. They turned out really tasty and we even made our own frosting. I’ll post the recipe for that in a different post. I’m pretty proud of myself for making cookies from scratch even if it wasn’t by myself. Plus it was loads of fun.

-An extraordinary on one who is ready for Christmas




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