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It has been a busy past couple of days for me. My friends got married, we had a Christmas party, I made my first ginger bread house and I am 4 days done with my 5 5ks in 5 days challenge.

My Christmas party with my friends was a blast. We had a white elephant gift exchange and played cards against humanity. Then we had the brilliant idea to use the white cards as cards for charades. Seriously so much fun. How we did it is got into two teams and who ever was acting picked three cards and picked one to act out. If they thought that all three were ones that couldn’t be acted out they consulted with someone of the opposing team to be the judge. It was a great night with some pretty tasty food if I don’t say so myself. (I made taco ring for the squad and it was a hit.)

Also some exciting news…. I made my first ever ginger bread house! That I can remember anyways….

It was a lot of fun and I think that my boyfriend and I did a pretty alright job of decorating it. He even added a pretty epic chimney to the mix.

They most challenging things of these past couple of days though has definitely has to be the Santa 5 5ks in 5 days. Pretty much you have to run a 5k a day for 5 days straight. And let me tell you….. It is awful. I only have one day left (which would be tomorrow I already did my run for the day). But once I finish tomorrow I am going to be so proud of myself for actually finishing even though it had been getting continually harder as my legs are beat. But I got this.

Well off to go play some Call of Duty Ghost now. Catch you all later.

-An extraordinary no one who is loving life

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