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On Christmas morning, I was woken up at about 6:45 in the morning by one of my friends wiggling around in the bed next to me. It took me a moment to realize that she shouldn’t be there and I bolted up. I was a bit confused. My friend Crayon box handed me a letter. I started reading and took in the information. So apparently Rudolf had gone crazy and stole my Christmas Presents and my naughty and nice file. I had to go on a mission with Crayon box the elf who was sent by Santa to retrieve them!

As I started to get ready, Crayon box the elf hinted that I should go check the shower. And behold! There was a letter duct taped to the wall! I got ready in a rush and opened the letter. It gave me a hint about where he first met my parents. I of course knew to go to the 24 hour diner that was down the road. My elf assistant and I jumped into the silver bullet (yup that what I nicknamed my car) and headed off. Thankfully for us the winter storm held off until after Christmas. We got there and I thought I spotted the clue but really it was just their sign saying that they were closed for Christmas. Upon further inspection, I found it.

It lead me to Walmart. Now you may be wondering why but its the simple fact that we just go to Walmart a lot. I know weird but it’s just kinda how we do it. So we arrived at Walmart and some lady yelled at us and said that they were closed for the day. We told her we were aware of the fact and then started the search. Crayon box the elf informed me that Rudolf enjoyed lamp posts because they looked like Christmas lights and that he was also know to go Geocaching. A common type of geocaching is hid under the like base part of a light pole because they a lot of the times will just lift up. (not the cement base but the base just on top of that). So there are a lot of these in the parking lot. So first, I checked my phone to see if there were actually any in the parking lot. Once I saw there wasn’t, I just went up to one and checked. It didn’t even lift up. I was confused but Crayon box nudged me in a direction and I saw one that looked suspicious to me. I found another letter and once we were back in the warmth of the car, I opened and read it.

The hint was telling me to go look under an over pass. But since the over pass he was talking about was in Texas (the location of our first kiss) I wasn’t sure where to go. Luckily,Crayon box had the coordinates randomly ‘tattooed’ on her arm. Going to look for that one was a bit scary but luckily neither one of us fell.

Next to The book store. The hint had to do with our almost first kiss (again in Texas) but I knew where we were supposed to go. He had slyly been dropping a few hints for that one. The clue on the bench told me to go to a tunnel (dedicated to the one we explored and slow danced in). But what tunnel? I was lost. Crayon box the elf informed me that Rudolf loved wrapping presents. I knew where to go and I laughed. My boyfriend had made up this whole story about this factory being a place where the elves wrapped presents and he had been dropping those hints for about a month now. We drove over and thankfully I didn’t have to crawl in the tunnel which was all filled with water at the bottom because the clue was just outside of it.

That took me to the place that I took him on his first ever Wisconsin date and my former employer, Rocky Rococo’s. That one was easy to find and it lead me to my happy place. A place that I go to think all and process things. Its a wooded area with a little creek and a rope swing and I love it there.

It was a little hike to get back there but thankfully there wasn’t a foot of snow so it wasn’t too bad. We walked down the hill and my boyfriend left us messages in what little snow there was on the two bridges that lead to the spot.

I spotted the clue right away once we made it there and it took me to my parents house. To my old room. We got there and I went to the room I thought it was in but it wasn’t there so I went to the second room. There was a letter and a gift. I asked crayon box the elf if I could open it and she said no I had to wait. So I opened the letter. It lead back to the apartment.

We went out to the silver bullet with one minor set back…. where were my keys. We went back inside to locate them. Once that was found, It was back to the apartment. I was nervous but in a good way. I was pretty sure I knew what was coming but can anyone ever really be sure?

We parked and went inside. My boyfriend was there cooking breakfast. He told me to open the gift. It was a scrap book of our story. I opened it and started to read. A huge smile across my face as I went through it and one minor sad part but mostly happy. I got to the last page. “All you have to do… Is say yes!”

I looked up at him as I set the book down and he took my hands. He spoke to me and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes.

He stood up and we kissed and embraced. Some point in there I got so excited that I took the ring and the box from him forgetting that he was supposed to put it on me I just put it on my own finger (I promise I’ll get it right at the wedding).

And then…. we had a tasty breakfast of french toast and bacon so I’d say all in all a great Christmas.


-An extraordinary no one and soon to be bride



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