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I did it!   Leave a comment

I finally did it! After what seemed like forever but was probably closer to a year, I wrote a blog post a day for a month. Seriously, this makes me really happy just cause it was bugging me that I couldn’t finish it.

Don’t worry I won’t stop blogging but now I won’t feel bad about missing a day every now and again.

-An extraordinary no one who is pretty happy!


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We ended up in….   Leave a comment

Chicago! (You thought I was gonna say jail just admit it) Well anyways, we went to go get steak and shake just a mere two hour drive the closest one which is in Illinois. And we were only like 45 minutes away from Chicago and my fiance has never been there so we were like what the heck lets make the day of it!

So we drove to Chicago and paid an obnoxious parking fee because its Chicago and we roamed around the city. Getting to see things like millennium park and Navy pier. We even found a few geocaches of course. It was a great day just hanging around the city and having fun.

Ohh and we got White Castle on the way back so that was fun.

-An extraordinary no one who loves living in the moment

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Accomplice   Leave a comment

Today, my lovely well meaning fiance tried to help someone who was in a sticky situation.

Someone’s car was stuck up on the median (at least I think that is what you call the thing in the middle of the road that is used for dividing purposes). And there was a bit of snow. So after they tried pushing for a while, my fiance retrieved my government issue entrenchment tool from the trunk. He used it to start digging out the car a bit but one of the wheels wasn’t even on the ground.

But anyways, the cops showed up and turns out the guy who had been driving didn’t have a licence and had got into a hit and run last night.

And that’s the story of how my fiance almost helped a wanted criminal get away.

-An extraordinary no one who was amused

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Bleh   Leave a comment

Head ache….. that is really all I can think about right now is that my head is in intense pain. I didn’t fall asleep until 4 in the morning last night so that probably has something to do with it. Hopefully I will be able to sleep better tonight.

On a more exciting note, we went and looked at cakes today and I’m pretty sure that I want teal to be the color for my wedding. (teal accents that is) Cause well that just sounds like it would be really beautiful. Soon I want to go get my measurements for a dress so that is exciting.

-An extraordinary no one who just wants to sleep

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An apple a day   Leave a comment

I had my doctor’s appointment today. I actually brought up all the things that I wanted to bring up so that was good. I got put on some meds so hopefully that will help. I still don’t know how I feel about being on meds for my mood. I know there is nothing wrong with it or bad about it. It is just something that I am going to have to get used to.

Besides that, I have an appointment soon to go get my lung function checked out because the whole breathing thing hasn’t really been up to bar since me getting sick with the partially collapsed lung thing and mono and what not. So that’s fun. I pretty much am going to be given a drug where my lungs will start acting like they are exerting themselves and they will check things out.

-An extraordinary no one who is getting her health straightened out

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So…..   Leave a comment

I was going to write this when I got home just before midnight but now as it is looking I won’t make it home in time.

Why you might ask? Well my fianc√© was picking me up from work and we had to stop at Walmart and we got pulled over. So I’m sitting here chilling. Luckily just found out it would be a verbal warning so that’s good ūüôā

– an extraordinary no

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Drawing challenge¬†   Leave a comment

So I got an awesome 64 pack of darth Vader crayola crayons which inspired me to do a drawing challenge. I found this one: 30 day drawing challenge. The first day is to draw yourself.

I took this picture:

  from the Instagram and drew this picture.

I know it isn’t realistic or anything but I think it’s cute and it was a challenge for me.

-an extraordinary on one who enjoys challenging herself

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