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I just want to take a moment to appreciate the view that I had on my run today. Seriously though Florida is gorgeous especially at sunset.

I was proud of myself. I went running with some people and total we got about 3.75 miles but 0.75 of that was taking pictures and walking cause we were lost so I am only counting 3 miles of it for my tally. That puts me at 4.5 miles for this month a small start to a big challenge. Challenge one beat my fiance in our challenge. (who can get most push-ups, sit-ups, and miles in a month majority winner gets it) Challenge two and a bigger one run 600 miles this year only 595.5 miles to go!

Also shout out to my dad who is trying to get into the habit of riding his bike machine every day! 19 more days to a healthy habit dad keep it up! I’m really proud of you!

-an extraordinary no one who is getting a little motivation in her bones



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