And then she asked me….   1 comment

A couple of days ago, some friends I have in my unit gave me a makeover and she posted my before and after pictures. My aunt commented on it and said she thought I was pretty but she agreed with what my blog post said.

My friend, curious about the comment, asked me what I wrote about the makeover and so I told her the general gist. And then she asked me….

“What is your blog about?”

I had to think a bit. What is my blog about? I told her it was about nothing really, just what I wanted to write about. Whatever happened to me or popped into my head that do or if I finished something on my bucket list. And for a bit I felt kind of bad about that. Shouldn’t my blog be about something? Shouldn’t it have a purpose?

But I realize that it does have a purpose. Its a blog for me and maybe that’s weird and maybe I will never have thousands of followers but I guess that doesn’t really matter. I could be trendy or political but really I just want to write about me enjoying and trying to figure out my life. And that is something I shouldn’t feel bad about. I am an extraordinary no one. I want to make a difference but if it is only to one person or hey even just to myself that is okay. I may never be a someone but that right there is quite alright.

-An extraordinary no one


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One response to “And then she asked me….

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  1. Hi,
    Many people have a blog about musings. It’s great your friend gave you a makeover. My daughter does that for people.
    I met you on Jason Cushman’s site. Maybe you can check out my blog, especially if you could use a blogging tip or two. That’s what I blog about. Like Jason, I have regular networking opportunities.

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