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I have had a lot of nicknames in my life time. My name is Elizabeth but people always come up with some weird ones.

In kindergarten, I was called Elizabe. That one was really my own fault though because I never wrote the ‘th’ at the end of my name. I don’t really know why. It was either because my kindergarten self was too lazy or didn’t know how to make those letters. Either way to this day my kindergarten teacher still calls me Elizabe.

My siblings, best friend growing up, and also my best friend’s family all called me lizard breath. Most of the time it was just my best friend’s dad and even when I saw him for the first time in years a year or so ago he remembered and still called me lizard breath.

Briefly, in middle school, I got called Beth. It was mostly in eight grade when some people who always picked on me randomly decided to like me that year (which was really weird) and then it just kind of caught on.

In high school, I had a lot of names. Ebethaliz was what most of my friends called me though. The logic behind it being that I can’t spell. Like seriously its really bad and that was a misspelling of my name so it fit. Some other names were Bithy, EZE, and Izzy. Okay so the last one was just my ex being lazy when he introduced me to his family cause he said my really name was too long because let’s be honest how do you get Izzy from Elizabeth? I feel like it is a bit of a stretch anyways. Oh and also I got called Liz by two or so of my teachers even though I told them that I hate that name for me. I kinda just gave up on it once my senior year rolled around.

In the military, I get called by my last name but in basic training I was called Zellwigger. Just what my drill sergeant decided to called me and it stuck. I guess it is better then that f-ing weirdo in third platoon.

Okay so now I am going to get a bit cheesy so if you don’t like that kind of stuff I would stop reading.

This up coming summer, I am going to be getting a new name. The name of my soon to be husband. (which is Tidd and I’m sure people in my unit will come up with some pretty fun nick names with it but that is besides the point) When we first talked about marriage, I didn’t know if I wanted to take his last name which he knew and was okay with it if I didn’t want to take it. There were some reasons that I don’t really feel like getting into right now but I ultimately decided that I want his last name.

I want to share that with him and our potential future children (no one freak out I’m not pregnant it is just a thing that could happen in the far, far future). I don’t get why some people think that it is a sign of weakness to take your spouse’s name. (not saying it is bad that people don’t) I think it is a thing of beauty and union. And I’m pretty excited to get to be his partner in crime and in life. So here’s to my best friend who I know I can always count on and who I get to marry this summer.

-An extraordinary no one who has gone by many name


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