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I always get told I’m too young to do things. Too young to drink, too young to get hired as an emt in an ambulance in my city (you have to be 21), too young to rent a decent apartment, too young to adopt a puppy, too young to get married.

The last one has been a common the as of late with people in my unit (especially the guys oddly enough). I just got engaged before this two weeks with the army and so as it buzzes around the unit first it’s congratulations then it’s almost always ‘don’t do it your too young’

Honestly, I never thought that I would get engaged at the age of 19 but things happen and I did. Because the real problem isn’t marring someone when your young, it’s marrying the wrong person and a lot of the time that puts a stigma on young people getting married because they don’t think it through, they ignore things, they think people will grow out of things. But really people can make those mistakes at any age.

I have more then thought this over, I still constantly think it over (not in a bad way just in a self check kind of way.) I am going to be marrying my best friend. We work extremely well together. We know how to handle each other’s down falls. I honestly don’t have any doubts about getting married even if I only am 19 and its not from lack of thinking it through.

-A young extraordinary no one

Posted January 12, 2016 by Extraordinary Nothing in Uncategorized

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