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I went to Universal’s Island of adventure yesterday. Which was awesome in case you were wondering. The rides were amazing, they put so much detail into them. It was awesome to see Hogwarts and get to walk through the castle in line for the ride. Also just a side note if you are really afraid of spiders you might want to skip that ride. That and the Spider man ride were definitely my two favorite even though they made me a bit nauseous.

There were fun water rides to and I was dripping wet by the end of the night. I had dried off previously with the sun but I wanted to go back on a ride when I could actually see everything. I had taken my glasses off the first time because I didn’t want to lose them but when we were circling back around when it was dark out it seemed like a good idea to go back on while being able to see. Which was true but it was freezing. The best part was that after the fact we got on the water guns to shoot people as they come to the end of the ride which someone nailed me in the face the first time around.

Riding the roller coaster made me want to go back to ceder point or six flags and ride roller coasters all day long. It was really a good day. Thank you to those who made it possible.


-An extraordinary no one who is a kid at heart

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