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“Hey dad look at me!” Sam said. He wanted to show his dad how well he was doing at dribbling. His dad just speed past him and went inside, waving him off. He was on the phone. Sam didn’t know who he talked to just that they us have been important to his dad. Well at least they were more important to him then Sam was.

“Think back and talk to me!” Sam yelled. Sam was in high school now but he was already used to this. His dad made a promise and he didn’t come through. He exploded at him when his dad denied it. “Don’t talk to me like that.” Sam’s dad screamed in his face. SMACK.

“Did I grow up according to plan?” Sam timidly asked his mother as he iced his face which contained a black eye and swelling. “What am I doing wrong?” He pleaded. “Nothing” she insisted trying her best to comfort her son. Sam didn’t believe her .

“And do you think I’m wasting my time?” Sam asked his friend. They were at the skate park, ditching class again. “I just feel like it isn’t worth it anymore.” His friend just shrugged, hopped onto his board, and dropped into the skate park.

“Doing things I want to do…?” He mused to himself and partially to his guidance counselor. His dad told him he wouldn’t amount to anything. He would just end up in a factory. He wasn’t worth anything. “But I don’t even know what that is.”

‘But it hurts that you disapproved all along’ It was one of the final lines in his note. He still didn’t know if he would do it. He threw the note in the fire. Not tonight.

“And now I try hard to make it.” He told his coworker. “Yeah sure you do.” They rolled their eyes and walked away. They didn’t care. He really was trying hard though.

“I just want to make you proud.” He mumbled under his breath as his dad passed by. He would never have the guts to say that to his face. His dad didn’t say anything to Sam. Sam didn’t even know why he even cared what he thought anymore.

“I’m never going to be good enough for you am I?” He screamed at her. She was trying to leave him. He wasn’t going enough for her. She though she was better then him. He hated that. He grabbed her wrist, hard, yanking her back toward him. “Let go of me!” She pleaded with a scream. He didn’t.

“Can’t pretend that I’m alright….. I just can’t do it anymore. I hurt her.” He confided in his only friend. “It’s fine man.” He said. “You were just angry. Just don’t do it again.”

“And you can’t change me.” He told his mom who was begging him to stay. She knew it would be her face bruised if he left. He was out of high school though, there was nothing holding him there anymore. He was done. His friend had said he could stay there and he wasn’t going to turn down that offer.

” ‘Cause we lost it all.” He tried to explain to his friend. He owed him money. Sam had gambled it away. He figured that he could win it back plus some and fix some of his problems. Things weren’t that easy though. “Leave.” his friend said. He was sick of him. He didn’t want him around anymore. No one did.

“Noting lasts forever.” He mumbled as he slammed the door behind him.

“I’m sorry I can’t be perfect” He said sarcastically to his boss as he rolled his eyes. Sam had messed up again. He hadn’t been getting sleep. “You know what! You’re fired. I’m sick of you. You’re a screw up.”

“Now it’s just to late.” His mom told him when he tried to ask to move back. “Your father won’t allow it. “You left. You can’t come back.”

“And we can’t go back. I’m Sorry.” His ex said to him. “I just can’t go back to how we were after what you did.” He has used what little change he had left.

“I can’t be perfect but please just give me another chance.” Dial tone.

“I try not to thing about the pain I feel inside.” The words came out of the mouth of the drifter he had befriended. He was homeless now so he figured he might as well talk to an experienced guy. “So I drink, You should try it sometime.” He offered him the bottle. Sam took a swig of the unlabeled bottle. He struggled to keep whatever it was down. It was the first thing but his own spit to enter his stomach in days.

“Did you know you used to be my hero?” The smell of alcohol was strong on his breath ad he slurred that to his mother. He had knocked on her door late at night. “Get out of here.” She pleaded. “You used to stand up for me.” He spat at her face and turned around.

“All the days you spend with me and I still haven’t taught you this? Well I’m sorry man but hey today’s your lucky day kid” Turns out Sam is a natural at petty theft.


“Now seem so far away.” the drifter told him about the days before he was homeless. from what Sam gathered it was now a foreign thing to him, it was starting to feel like that to Sam.

“And it feels like you don’t care anymore.” He kept ending back up at his parents’ house. That is what he yelled at his dad as he got in his car that morning to go to work. “It would seem so.” His dad said as he got in the car. He didn’t wait for his son to get out of the way before pulling out of the drive way.

“I can’t stand another fight!” His mom yelled at him. He lay in the ditch having just jumped out of the way of his dad’s car. “Just please don’t come back.” His mother’s face was bruised and puffy.

“And nothing’s alright with me and you don’t even care.” He screamed still laying on the ground.

“Nothings gonna change the things that you said and did. Your father won’t forgive you.” His mom responded.

“Nothings gonna make this right again is it?” He asked. “I’m sorry but no”

“Please don’t turn your back on me mom. I’m your son.” She didn’t say anything just hung her head and walked inside.

“I can’t believe its hard just to talk to you. You won’t even hear me out.” He turned and left. He realized she feared his dad more then she loved Sam.

“But you don’t understand…. You don’t understand.” He told the do-gooder passerby that was trying to talk him of the ledge. It didn’t work though. Sam jumped anyways. CRACK.

So the prompt for the story was to use song lyrics as the first words to each of the paragraphs. I used to song Perfect by Simple Plan.

-An extraordinary and creative no one


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