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I know, I know I have been really awful at keeping up with this. Maybe I need a new challenge for blogging.

Anyways, I made a thing! Without a recipe…. I just made it. They only thing I had to look up was how to bread chicken just to make sure that I didn’t royally mess it up. (which I totally would have skipped a step). So I thawed two chicken breasts and then I prepped my chicken breading station. I toasted bread because you need a food processor to make bread crumbs I guess but I don’t have one so I just toasted it and crumbled it up cause you know toast is real crumbly. There was some left over bread and I noticed that the ends of the loaf work better, probably because the crust crumbles better. And I added chopped onion, the ones in the little shaker, and garlic.

Once the chicken was done thawing, I cut it into little chunks. I tossed it in flour then in egg and then in my mixture of crumbliness. Then I put the chunks on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven at 325 degrees (ish) and cooked it till it was done (just cut the biggest one open to check for pinkness or more accurately lack there of).

Meanwhile, I made some penne pasta. Once it was cooked I took a sauce pan and melted some butter in it and added garlic and the noodles. Once that was mixed around, I put it back in the pot and put some mozzarella cheese into it.

When the chicken was almost done, I spread some mozzarella on that as well.

Once everything was cooked I added it together!



I took a picture of a small sample of it because I forgot to before I chowed down. I think that it tasted pretty good. Definitely some room for improvement. I could have added more garlic to the bread crumbs and I’m fairly positive my chicken would have tasted really tasty with Alfredo sauce pasta. Anyways, I am really proud of making it and it turning out.

-An extraordinary no one and amateur chef



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