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I went down hill skiing for the first time! It was a while back but I’m just writing about it now. At first, it wasn’t going too great. I kept falling down the bunny hill. I kept panicking an so then falling. My fiance then took his snow board leash and connected it to my belt loop. He guided me down the bunny hill and controlled my speed so I didn’t panic. After I got down the form, I did it on my own and then it was time to go down my first real hill. It was a green circle named Maple syrup. I got on the lift and kinda was freaked out about the height of it but I got used to it once the day went on. I feel while trying to get off the lift the first couple times. I was pretty nervous to go down the hill. But shockingly to me and the others with me, I didn’t fall once when going down the hill!!!

Seriously, I was so shocked. It was so much fun and I am very thankful for my mom for taking me.

There was one green circle that kept giving me grief. But after 3 times I finally got it. It had a sharper turn then the first hill and I kept wiping out. I was so proud when I succeeded.  I moved to going down some blue squares. They are more difficult and the first two, even though I was going crazy fact I didn’t fall.

I went on another Blue Square this one more difficult. Steeper. I panicked once and fell. My fiance helped my up and I got back to it. I was doing really good when the only other person on the hill cut me off. I am bad at weaving back and forth and also my hip cramped up at the same time. I ended up falling trying not to hit her. That was a fall that definitely hurt and I took a bit of a break after that. I went back on a green circle to practice my weaving.

I was so soar at the end of the day but I had a lot of fun with my fiance, mom, and brother. After, we were back in town my fiance, brother and I went out to eat at red robin which was a delicious meal after a day of hard work.

-An extraordinary no one who has one more down on her bucket list


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