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More Love. Less Hate.   Leave a comment

As you might have guessed by the title of my blog post, I’m about to get more political then I usually do. I know that everyone is seeming to put in their two sense about the tragedy that happened in Orlando but just bear with me for a second.

I would first of like to say that I have the utmost sympathy for the victims and their family. None of you deserved what happened, no one deserves that.

So let’s get into the politics of it if you can really call it that. I know a lot of you are probably going to disagree with me on some of the things I’m going to say and that is your right. I just
want to start of by saying that I am sick of today’s society not understanding that just because someone disagrees with someone or their life style that they hate them. Obviously, some people take it to the extreme. For example, I am a Christian and yes my religion thinks that homosexuality is a sin but that by no means that I hate people that have that life style. It also doesn’t mean that i want to stop them from having that life style, it is their choice what it does mean is that I don’t have that life style. So yes I am sick of people thinking that all Christians hate homosexuals because of a few Christians that forgot that our God is a loving God and loves everyone no matter what and that we should do that same. Just as I am sure that Muslims are sick of getting a bad name for the small portion of them that take things too far.

I also wanted to address that people are making this a big case for gun control. Which yes I know he acquired the guns legally and I also agree that civilians really have no need for any kind of semi automatic assault rifle. But if this guy was really set out to do this then he would have figured out a way to do it whether that would have been building a bomb or purchasing a weapon illegally. All you do if you take away American citizens right to bear arms is let citizens be sitting ducks. People need to have the ability to defend themselves if they choose to.

Anyways that is all I have to say.

-an extraordinary no one thinks everyone needs to love more hate less.


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Hard Working Hufflepuff   Leave a comment

So one thing that I don’t know you all know about me, well besides my family and friends that read this, is that I love Harry Potter. I love the books, the movies and I love the world that J.K. Rowling has created. I even write on a Harry Potter written role playing site because I’m an awesome person like that. I have always considered myself to be a Hufflepuff. Something about the house of hardworking misfits that care about everyone always appealed to me.

I have decided though, that I really need to start acting more like a Hufflepuff. I always have all these things that I want to achieve and I know the things I have to do to accomplish them I just sometimes have a problem actually committing and ┬ádoing them. Not a very Hufflepuff type thing of me. So I have determined that I need to get better at representing and get down to business. Like actually writing everyday and running everyday. And actually applying to college or just simply find a direction for my life. So here’s to Hufflepuff and here’s to trying to be more like a Hufflepuff everyday.

-An extraordinary no one repping for Hufflepuff








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