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At the age of 20 I officially became a home owner. (It was almost at the age of 19 but we closed a week or so after my birthday.) Any ways the house is so adorable. It is oddly only a one bedroom but that is all we really need right now. It has a spacious living room and kitchen and a back yard that us and our puppies love. 

I would never have guessed that I would be a home owner at this time of my life. I could not be more proud though. It is a nice house with charm and we are almost done putting all our little touches on it. Like our fold up dinning room table that my soon to be husband put up. And my Murphy desk which I have the piece of wood for and am going to put up. We are all Unpacked and moved in and I love it. It really feels like home. 

-an extraordinary home owning no one 


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Watch it or you might get burned   Leave a comment

Warning if you don’t like Miley gross photos don’t read this post. So my fianc√© got a motorcycle which was really exciting since I have never rode one before. So anyways I got a helmet (safety first right? And also cause of hate wind in my face) and set out for my first ride. 

I’m a pretty big dork we have established this but even a commonly known cool activity can’t help me. All of that aside, I love riding on the back of his bike. And I still do even when this happened….. 

I got off on the side with the pipes which I normally just avoid and go to the other side since I’m a klutz getting of a bike  (in general as well). It hurt like crazy but it is doing a lot better and doesn’t hurt at all at much unless my puppies decide to step on it. 

This is a few days after it happened as you can see it is pretty awful looking. I learned my lesson though. 

-an extraordinary no one who has a new found love in motorcycles 

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On June 25th 2016, I did something insane. Yes, I know I talked about how I jumped out of a plane the other day but that was fairly easy one I was put of the plane I wasn’t really in charge of anything besides trying not to puke. Anyways, I’m talking about the fact that I did the Spartan Sprint. 

What is a Spartan Sprint you ask? Well, it is pretty much an intense mud and obstacle run. Ours was 5.25 miles long. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done probably the most physically challenging and yes that is including basic training. But I finished, 155 burpees later. I did everything single punishment (30 burpees for every obstacle you can’t complete, the extra 5 was part of one of them). I finished honest and that is all I really cared about but I definitely want to try and go faster next time and do at least one more obstacle that I couldn’t do this time. 

My favorite event was the mud pools with mud hills that you had to go over and then into another ending in the dunk wall where you have to go completely underwater because the only opening in the wall is under the water. It was fun and also nice because it was a major cool down. 

The one I hated the most was the bucket brigade. You pretty much have to carry this bucket with no handles that is filled with rocks in a loop that went up and then down hill. It was ridiculous and it was absolutely awful but I did it. 

The one I was most proud of was the Hercules Hoist. You pretty much have to use a pulley system to haul this huge weight up to the top and then back down. I worked so hard to get that up and then it has to be a controlled drop. I was so nervous that it was going to fall but I put the rope between my legs for backup and I let it down gently. I am so proud of myself for finishing and so thankful to Tidd for doing it with me and motivating to the finish. I can’t wait for the next one. 

-an extraordinary spartan running (OK mostly walking) no one

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So I’m going to write about something fun and exciting that just happened in my life. We got puppies!!!! I’m really excited and also really grateful to my parents for letting me crash here and more importantly my puppies since we got the dogs before we got the house (a post for another day).

We got them right at the end of May and they have already grown so much. And definitely learned a lot on how to behave. I really love having dogs around again. I still love my dogs from growing up but it is really fun to have dogs of our own.

Harley’s adoption photo.

Harley the day we took the pups home.

Harley just a couple of days ago.

Hawk’s adoption picture.

Hawk the first day we had them.

Hawk a couple days ago.

So Harley is my puppy and Hawk is Brandon’s. They are definitely best friend though and get along so well.

-an extraordinary puppy loving no one

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High Above the Earth   1 comment

Have I mentioned that I really love my future husband. So for my birthday he took me skydiving. That’s right I went up in a perfectly good airplane and I jumped out of it. It was crazy. It was honestly an experience that can’t be replicated. We got a video of it and you can just see the look of terror on my face when I am about to jump out of the plane but as soon as I am free falling a giant grin came to my face. I had a really awesome instructor. I told him before I went up that I am terrified of heights but it was strange I was only really afraid in the plane. Once I was free falling that fear was gone. Although they don’t tell you they are going to release the hip harness when they pull the shut and you are just connected by the shoulders so when I dropped a bit that was a bit terrifying. It was amazing though and it was one more thing off the bucket list. Thank you so much to my soon to be Husband for the awesome birthday present.


I would put the video up put that is apparently not allowed so here are some picture.

-An extraordinary daredevil no one

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