High Above the Earth   1 comment

Have I mentioned that I really love my future husband. So for my birthday he took me skydiving. That’s right I went up in a perfectly good airplane and I jumped out of it. It was crazy. It was honestly an experience that can’t be replicated. We got a video of it and you can just see the look of terror on my face when I am about to jump out of the plane but as soon as I am free falling a giant grin came to my face. I had a really awesome instructor. I told him before I went up that I am terrified of heights but it was strange I was only really afraid in the plane. Once I was free falling that fear was gone. Although they don’t tell you they are going to release the hip harness when they pull the shut and you are just connected by the shoulders so when I dropped a bit that was a bit terrifying. It was amazing though and it was one more thing off the bucket list. Thank you so much to my soon to be Husband for the awesome birthday present.


I would put the video up put that is apparently not allowed so here are some picture.

-An extraordinary daredevil no one

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