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So I’m going to write about something fun and exciting that just happened in my life. We got puppies!!!! I’m really excited and also really grateful to my parents for letting me crash here and more importantly my puppies since we got the dogs before we got the house (a post for another day).

We got them right at the end of May and they have already grown so much. And definitely learned a lot on how to behave. I really love having dogs around again. I still love my dogs from growing up but it is really fun to have dogs of our own.

Harley’s adoption photo.

Harley the day we took the pups home.

Harley just a couple of days ago.

Hawk’s adoption picture.

Hawk the first day we had them.

Hawk a couple days ago.

So Harley is my puppy and Hawk is Brandon’s. They are definitely best friend though and get along so well.

-an extraordinary puppy loving no one

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