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Warning if you don’t like Miley gross photos don’t read this post. So my fiancé got a motorcycle which was really exciting since I have never rode one before. So anyways I got a helmet (safety first right? And also cause of hate wind in my face) and set out for my first ride. 

I’m a pretty big dork we have established this but even a commonly known cool activity can’t help me. All of that aside, I love riding on the back of his bike. And I still do even when this happened….. 

I got off on the side with the pipes which I normally just avoid and go to the other side since I’m a klutz getting of a bike  (in general as well). It hurt like crazy but it is doing a lot better and doesn’t hurt at all at much unless my puppies decide to step on it. 

This is a few days after it happened as you can see it is pretty awful looking. I learned my lesson though. 

-an extraordinary no one who has a new found love in motorcycles 

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