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At the age of 20 I officially became a home owner. (It was almost at the age of 19 but we closed a week or so after my birthday.) Any ways the house is so adorable. It is oddly only a one bedroom but that is all we really need right now. It has a spacious living room and kitchen and a back yard that us and our puppies love. 

I would never have guessed that I would be a home owner at this time of my life. I could not be more proud though. It is a nice house with charm and we are almost done putting all our little touches on it. Like our fold up dinning room table that my soon to be husband put up. And my Murphy desk which I have the piece of wood for and am going to put up. We are all Unpacked and moved in and I love it. It really feels like home. 

-an extraordinary home owning no one 


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