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About a year ago when my Husband moved to the wonderful state of Wisconsin, we decided to get a pet together. That pet being our lovely snake Darby. It was really exciting, he was our first pet together. 

About a month ago, he escaped. We searched everywhere but no luck. We thought maybe we would find him but then evidence seemed to point to one of our dogs eating him. I mean how could he be hiding with out them finding him. It was pretty sad especially since he was our first pet together. 

This morning though my new sister-in-law who is crashing with us found him in the middle of the basement and besides him being cold he was perfectly fine. 

We got him under his heat lamp and got him a couple of mice which he eat happily. I’m really glad he is back and also really curious where he was hiding. 

– an extraordinary greatful no one 

Posted August 6, 2016 by Extraordinary Nothing in Uncategorized

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