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For whatever reason, Harley, my cute little puppy, is terrified of a few select things. At first when we got her any time she got anywhere near any dog except for Hawk she would just squeal and squeal. The first time we took them to the dog park she was a disaster. 

Fortunately, today when we took them she did awesome with the other dogs. I’m really hoping that it sticks. 

The other thing she is afraid of is male voices. If my husband even sounds the slightest bit stern, she runs terrified and it is with any male. It is strange and I hope she out grows that as well. 

We aren’t sure what background she came from before she was surrendered to the shelter we adopted her from and it makes me curious if any of her siblings have the same problems. 

Regardless, I love her and hoping that with a lot of patience and love she will be less terrified. 

-A puppy loving extraordinary no one

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