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I’m going to take you all back to my high school years and specifically my freshman yeah. I know everyone says that they are an awkward freshman but I honestly was. I had maybe two friends, or at least people I considered friends and felt mildly comfortable around. My group of people was something I always just kinda felt on the edge of. I had come from a middle school where I was bullied a lot and it messed with my self worth and I always just figured I was a waste of people’s time. I used to play this game where I would say something crazy in the middle of a story, I was awkward but I couldn’t stop talking, that wasn’t even related just to see if people were even listening. They normally weren’t so I would just stop talking. People didn’t notice that much either. As the years went by I got closer to people and learned to ramble on a little less. 

One thing that helped me tremendously through out my whole awkward high-school experience and beyond was role playing. I’m not talking about running around in a costume or anything although I wouldn’t say no if someone invited me to do that. I’m talking about writing. When I was a freshman, my sister introduced me to this wonderful community. It is a site called Hogwarts:The New Ages where an honestly amazing group of people write together in the world of Harry Potter. Now, you might be wondering okay but how did this save my life? Don’t worry I’m getting to it. 

I was shown this site when I was in a pivotal time in my life. I lacked self confidence and I constantly felt like a burden. This was a place that I could actually feel like myself even though it was just a thing over the computer. I created a character and she grew up as I did and so did my writing. I always cringe when I read the posts I used to write but I realize that most people where there at one point or another. 

Fast forward a couple of years and I was not in a good place. Even though I had more friends I still was having an issues with self confidence even though it had improved. I had some pretty dark thought. I had created a new character who was more or less depressed and through her I had an outlet to show these emotions that I was too afraid to show anyone else. This character as well grew with me and caunsidently is no longer nearly as sad about life. 

This place was an outlet for me when I really need it and sure some people tease me for caring so much about something so seemly not important in the skeem of things but I guess this kinda explains why. I am not really sure what would have happened if I hadn’t of had this  place but I am truly greatful for it. I am not saying there weren’t any other factors for bringing me out of that place but it was definitely was a big factor. 

So I just wanted to say thank you to all of my fellow writers on the site, to my sister for showing it to me and of course to Pru and Jaimie. Thank you from a now more confident out of that dark place 20 year old. Thank you for saving my younger self. 

-A Nerdy and thankful extraordinary no one 

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