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Good morning everyone, I know right now all your facebook pages are blown up with people being outraged or people being happy or even just unsure how they feel (which happens every four year) so I am going to talk about something different.

So this past weekend, I got a chance to listen to one of my higher ups speak to a group of us. He brought up a statistic about 18-24 years old failing at a certain aspect of our job. They went around asking people why they thought they were failing. Some people said motivation problems which I can understand a little bit. Then they got down the line, Some said the answer to the question was video games.

That made me a little angry.

To give a little background, the thing people in that age range are failing is the pt test (The physical standard of being in the army). And yes, I am one of the people failing it. He was talking about how our leadership was letting us down. Which, I agree to an extent. It is my fault that I am failing it. It is their fault that I don’t care.

Let me explain something, I have been passed from leader to leader over the past couple of years. Some of them haven’t cared, others have called me a failure and everything that is wrong with my generation, others have been hopeful but then have started pretty much ignoring me.

And no, I don’t think the reason that people my age are failing is because of video games. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are some people that are too busy playing video games to do anything else but I feel like it isn’t a lot of people. Never once, did someone ask me why I wasn’t passing my pt test.

People only ever told me that I needed to fix it.

Which is obvious, but everyone who has a basic understanding of how things work, that you can’t fix a problem without knowing the underlying problem. Everyone always just told me ‘go out and do it.’ or ‘run and you will get it’ but what if it isn’t that easy for me? No one ever asked my why I was failing they just told me something I already knew.

No one ever bothered to find out that it is hard for me to even get out of bed in the morning, let alone go for a run. No one ever bothered to find out that running stresses me out because all I can think about is that I am failing. That I have broken down in the middle of a run because of it. And yes, all of them would probably just say that I am making excuses which maybe I am. But I see it a different way, I see it as a problem that I need help fixing. So yes, when someone makes a generalization like I am failing because of video games, it makes me a little angry. Any generalization at all, kinda makes  me a little upset.

-An extraordinary no one


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