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So my best friend in the world is getting married! I’m uber (that’s how you spell that right oober, abur, uober… seems right) excited for her. Anyways, we went out and celebrated by going to a wine and paint night. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is it is a night where people who aren’t artistic (or are) get step by step instructions on how to paint something while getting to drink. I didn’t drink because a) I was the driver and b) I’m still just short of 21. It was still a lot of fun though. I didn’t realize until I was just looking through my bucket list that it was on there (I have a terrible memory… don’t judge me.)

We went to Pinot’s Palette which was awesome and I would recommend and no, they didn’t pay me to say that, not enough people read this blog for anyone to pay me to say anything (although I appreciate all of you that do read it!) It was a fundraiser night for Saving Paws which is where my husband and I adopted two out of our three dogs. We had a great night and got to give a proper celebration to my friend before she gets married.


That is us pre painting in our lovely tiaras and smocks. If you look at the painting in the background that is what they were working us through that night. A cat and a dog but they encouraged personalizing them. I decided on two dogs and since it was a fundraiser for the place we adopted Hawk and Harley from, I decided to kind of base my two dogs in the paintings after them. (that and I like them more than hero but shhh don’t tell him I still love him I am just allergic to him and only him it is weird…)


The one with the red collar (left) is supposed to be Harley.

She is a cat dog who loved sitting on the backs of our couches and she is crazy but I love her. She is the dog that I picked out to adopt. The one with the camo/green collar in the painting (right) is Hawk.


He is majestic but also a big oaf and we love him. He is the family dog for the most part although he is way more loyal to my husband.  Long story short though, the wine and paint night was a amazing, I am a little obsessed with my dogs, and a huge congratulations to my best friend Alicia! Here is all of us with our final products:


-An extraordinary no one who was pretty impressed with how her painting turned out.


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