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I am Elizabeth and I am an extraordinary no one. But what is an extraordinary no one? I will let you answer that one for yourself as I tell you a bit about myself because let’s face it extraordinary no ones don’t really like labels.

So where to begin? I started this blog when I was a junior in high school because well honestly I was bored. That seems to be the story of my life but I am working on being less bored because let’s face it bored people are usually boring. I don’t like being boring or being bored. The summer before I started this blog was kind of a major one. I visited the amazing county of Guatemala as well as Belize. I did think I never thought to be possible like for instance roasting marshmallows in  an active volcano.

See that right there is me and one of my good friend atop the volcano. Note there is a gaping hole behind up you just can't see it because of the fog.

See that right there is one of my good friends and I atop the volcano. Note there is a gaping hole behind up you just can’t see it because of the fog.

And this right here is me roasting marshmallows in the hot streams of that same volcano.

And this right here is me roasting marshmallows in the hot streams of that same volcano.

It was a crazy adventure and it kind of solidified for me that I wanted to do something with the rest of my life that would make some kind of positive effect on people all around the world. I don’t want to just go through life; I want to experience it.

As I went into my senior year, I still had little idea of what I was going to do with my life. I was leaning toward social work until veteran’s day came around. One of my friends, had recently enlisted in the United State’s Army reserves and at study hall she over heard me talking about the military and how it had kind of been floating around in my head since sophomore year. She ended up getting me to go over and chat with her recruiter and before I knew it I was setting up a meeting to meet with him with my parents. (luckily they took the news fairly well). It was not that drawn out of a process because on February 15th 2014, I enlisted as a heath care specialist for the army reserves (and yes I only know that because I had to write it about one hundred times.

I have done some pretty crazy things in my life. Like writing a novel in a month and almost starting my own business (which will happen eventually of course- I can’t just give up on it). So who knows where me and my crazy ideas will take me. I certainly don’t.

So far my crazy ideas have taken me great places. I graduate from basic training and my Army medic training. I met some great friends a long the way and even my boyfriend. I set some goals with my bucket list challenge. And I did launch my t-shirt business Fire82 which is still in it’s beginning stages but maybe one day it will take off. I still have a lot of living left to do but I’m damn excited for the adventure.

And then a twist that I never thought would happen….. I fell in love. Me, a girl who swore she would never get married or have kids just got engaged. I found someone to adventure with. Some one to be extraordinary with and I am a-okay with that.

-An extraordinary no one


Posted May 16, 2013 by Extraordinary Nothing

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  1. You’re funny! I think extraordinary no one is someone who is extraordinary and is modest about it.

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